Downhill Hoodlum Race Rules


photo 11. One driver with a helment

2. We would like to see them built from car hoods or at least the sheet metal added somewhere from the hood…

3. No visible weight added (which means you can add ballast,I just don’t want to see it)
***must be bolted and secured***

4. Steering (THAT WORKS!)

5. Brakes (would be nice)

6. Drivers must keep their hands inside the racer at all times! (No Pushing with hands)

Their will be a drivers meeting before the race.

***All “RULES” governed and occasionally enforced by the..

photo 3


Dillehay Street Timing Association

Questions call :

Jason Blevens “CrapShooters C/C” (502) 295-9782

Mark Cain (859) 552-3359