Hullabaloo History

The first Hullabaloo was the summer of 2007. It started out as a cook out/hotrod hang out on Dillehay Street where Kirby Stafford and Richard Sanders shops are. Their thoughts…”man, that was fun. Let’s do it again next year”


It was official. The following summer the 2nd annual Hullabaloo kicked off. This time everyone was invited.

The Hullabaloo was off and running with each years growth the event drew more and more cool Hot Rods, Customs & Bobber’s. The best BBQ and live Rockabilly/ Blues bands were always on the schedule.

Fast forward to Hullabaloo 2012, always coming up with fresh ideas Kirby & Richard decide to add a new attraction. Hoodlum Races! Home built from car hoods these downhill coasters soon became one of the most fun events of the day.

Hullabaloo #7 2013 they asked me once again to join their rowdy bunch and bring our Shelby’s Speed & Kustom booth to Dillehay Street. Selling our T-Shirts and promoting the non-profit “Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention”. Lucky # 7 and Shelby’s Hot Rod Get Together had a great day!, very successful and very much a good time, till the end of the day….a conversation with Kirby and Richard revealed that this was the last Hullabaloo. Both of them tired and totally exhausted from months of planning and three days of preparing Dillehay Street in August heat had taken its toll. IMG_0101

After I returned from Shades of the Past the following week, I received a phone call from Kirby, He told me that him & Richard decided instead of letting the Hullabaloo come to a close and disappointing all its fans, They would like to turn the Hullabaloo over to my son Cody & myself and “Shelby’s Way”!

Shelby’s Speed & Kustom is PROUD TO ANNOUNCE… #8 Hullabaloo will be in on Contract Street Lexington Kentucky, Saturday Aug. 30th 2014 !!!

I promised them the Hot Rod Hullabaloo & Shelby’s Hot Rod Get Together will keep all the traditions of the event while Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention. With our new team (more to come on that later) and the continued help from Kirby & Richard the Hullabaloo will be around for a very long time.


Kirby, Richard, Cody & myself (Mark Cain) would like to Thank all of our Hot Rod Brothers &

Sisters for helping the Hullabaloo to grow to be such a success. We are looking forward to seeing just how big it will grow with your continued support!

See Ya in Lexington Labor Day weekend 2014

Mark Cain



Stay Tuned into and our Hullabaloo Facebook page for more info on Host Hotels,other Hotels in the area,along with the Bands,Food our Downhill Hoodlum Race!

BourbonTrailBombers KentuckyCrapShooters


Special Thanks to the Hullabaloo Host Clubs….Kentucky Crap Shooters from Louisville, Ky and the Bourbon Trail Bombers from Frankfort, Ky.